A Malaysian man was thrown out of a London Assembly event after questioning Mayor Sadiq Khan’s policies that have seen violent crime skyrocket in the city.

Video shot earlier this month shows the individual, named Tan Le, at London’s “People’s Question Time” event attempting to address to the Assemblymen the real origins of the violent crime wave in London: Islamism.

“I heard Sadiq Khan talk a lot about international politics and I think this is very relevant for safety, not just for London but also for the whole world,” Le said to the panel.

Le first mentioned the incident where Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Purnama was sentenced to two years in jail for insulting the Koran in Indonesia, and rather than address the affront to free speech, Mayor Khan was busy explaining how Islamic terrorism was “part and parcel to living in a big city.”

“It’s relevant to terror attacks and the crime rate. So this is the root cause of the problem we are facing today in the whole world,” Le said.

“No, I’m sorry, we want questions related to the safety of London. That will do,” barked Deputy Chairman of the London Assembly Tony Arbour.

“Muslims are raping and killing people -” Le said before being cut off.

“I’m interrupting this question. Take his microphone from him,” Arbour ordered the security detail.

Without a microphone Le continued to press that Muslim migrant men are raping and assaulting Europeans.

“Thank you so much. Sit down! Sit down or you will have to leave. Would you escort that gentleman from the hall, please?”

As we reported, free speech is effectively dead in the UK, with authorities punishing citizens for “offensive” social media posts that contradict official government talking points about immigration, Islam, or privacy rights.

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