Illustrating the pathetic fragility of millennials, a man caused a mini-meltdown on Twitter after a feminist complained that he was wearing a ‘Germany’ polo shirt.

Journalist and left-wing activist Asher Wolf posted on her verified Twitter account, “Uuuhhhhhh. Guy with a “GERMANY” shirt and breathing heavily just sat down next to me outside the train station.”

She posted an image of the culprit, who appeared to be playing a game on his phone. The shirt appears to be an item of clothing worn to show support for the German soccer team.

Another Twitter user posted a screenshot of the tweet and the reactions to it alongside the words, “Man with breathing problems sits down and plays games on his phone “Guys idk what to do he’s so dangerous.”

The reactions to the tweet were just as hilarious as the tweet itself.

“Keep safe,” said one individual, while another warned “be careful!”

A Twitter user called Lana Arcus tweeted: “I realise I’m seeing this late, but I hope things were ok.”

Wolf deleted the tweet after it was weaponized as a meme. The Twitter user who posted a screenshot of it was quickly blocked by Wolf, remarking, “Also she’s apparently blocking everyone in an attempt to damage control her dumb fuck up. Everyone fucks up, Asher, but you should at least own up to it.”

Millennials have been so indoctrinated with the idea that Nazis are lurking around every corner and waiting to take over society than a man wearing a shirt that merely alludes to a country and by extension nationalism is now enough to cause anxiety attacks.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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