The terrorist who killed 23 people and injured dozens more in Manchester was partly motivated by his anger over ‘Islamophobia’ in the United Kingdom.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Manchester bomber Salman Abedi, “Grew increasingly angry about what he considered ill-treatment of Muslims in Britain.”

He was reportedly incensed by the death of his friend, 18-year-old Abdul Wahab Hafidah, who was murdered after being run down with a car and stabbed by members of a rival gang.

Abedi considered the murder to be a “hate crime” and vowed “revenge” while attending Hafidah’s funeral.

The fact that Abedi was motivated in part by anger over ‘Islamophobia’ is interesting given that this is the primary concern of many leftists in the immediate aftermath of any terror attack.

Apologists for Islamism have argued on many occasions that focusing on preventing extremism within Muslim communities is itself a form of “Islamophobia” and will cause irate young Muslims to lash out with terror attacks.

This of course invalidates the concurrent claim that terrorism has “nothing to do with Islam”. They’re essentially acknowledging that Muslims will resort to terrorism if they feel offended.

As we reported earlier, one Muslim woman interviewed by UK broadcaster Channel 4, dressed in a full burka emblazoned with a hand grenade and a machine gun, warned that Muslims will “retaliate” with violent acts in response to perceived “Islamophobia”.

There were numerous indications that Salman Abedi was a jihadist but friends and neighbors ignored the signs, with some blaming “political correctness” as the reason for why people didn’t alert authorities.


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