Authorities were scouring Europe on Sunday for at least one other suspect, and possibly two, who were “directly involved” in Friday night’s attacks in Paris, as investigators tried to ascertain whether they were among a number of people arrested over the last 48 hours in Belgium, according to two French officials familiar with the case.

French police took seven people in for questioning Sunday in connection with the deadly siege that killed at least 129 people, expanding an international dragnet and investigation that now stretches from the Aegean Sea to the teeming Paris suburbs. But police continued searching for at least one other participant in the attacks, which French officials and the Islamic State both initially claimed were carried out by eight men. Police said seven attackers died, six of them by detonating suicide vests and one from police gunfire.

As police pressed the manhunt, further details began to emerge on the identities of the attackers, who included French citizens who had lived in Belgium, apparently became radicalized there and developed connections with the Islamic State.

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