The race-based political movement that has exploited the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore was dealt a serious blow when a black female police officer, Alicia White, was charged with Gray’s death.

Of the six officer facing manslaughter charges in the case, all but White have been released on bond.

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby said during a news conference earlier this month police officers failed to get medical help after Gray requested it repeatedly following his April 12 arrest.

Mosby is black. She was earlier criticized after she appeared on stage with Prince during a rock concert where the singer performed a song dedicated to Freddie Gray.

Black officers in the case are being defended by Vanguard for Justice, an NGO advocating improved working conditions for minority police officers in Baltimore.

The organization accused the Baltimore Police Department of racial bias in the case, while White’s attorney, Ivan Bates, said the charges against his client are an culmination of systemic inequalities within the Baltimore Police Department, according to a transcript posted at The Real News Network.

White’s lawyers and the organization believe what happened to Freddie Gray and the case against Sgt. Alicia White are the inevitable result of a criminal justice system where inequality has been allowed to fester, according to TRNN.

“How on earth can we as a society change if we only have one female who’s Lieutenant Colonel in the police department of Baltimore City? How on earth can we change if we have one African-American female who’s a Major? This is what we need to understand, that it is the policies, practices, and procedures that have placed us in this situation,” Bates said.

Kenneth Butler, the president of Vanguard for Justice, said his organization is seeking intervention by the Justice Department.

“We look forward to being interviewed and working with the Department of Justice, because we want to uncover and correct some policies and practices that are within this agency,” he said.

In addition to a civil rights review of the Baltimore Police Department, the organizations wants the Justice Department to investigate what it claims are racially discriminatory practices involving discipline and promotion of minority officers.

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