The new media startup WeSearchr has released a draft of Barack Obama’s first book proving he did NOT write the book.

Title Detail

Should that maybe say “By Bill Ayers?”

WeSearchr crowdfunded a $7500 bounty to pay for the manuscript. The bounty ended up funded way beyond the minimum and in a tiny fraction of the original time limit.

The draft is 566 pages long!

The draft was obtained from Obama’s brother and former best man Malik Obama. Written notes and sticky notes all over the pages indicate large portions of the book were NOT written by Obama.

"Not O"?

“Not O”?

One section is marked “Ink by Obama,” and others say not Obama on them. Obama has always maintained that he wrote his books by himself.

Check out the crossed-out sentence in the top right

Check out the crossed-out sentence in the top right

Why did Barack Obama cross out the fact that his grandfather was a Muslim? Or did someone else cross it out? Was it Bill Ayers?

Obama and Ali

Muhammad Ali was a well-known Muslim convert

More interesting stuff will come out as the public reads through the draft.

WeSearchr is a site where you use your dollars to get information. WeSearchr hosts crowdfunded information bounties on politics, news, current affairs, and celebrity gossip.

GotNews editor and WeSearchr CEO Chuck C. Johnson discusses the Obama book draft and WeSearchr’s long-term plans in a great 8-minute video here.

Learn more about WeSearchr’s long-term trajectory in this in-depth article at Social Matter magazine.

And the full draft of Obama’s ghostwritten book?

You can read the entire manuscript online using this link:

UPDATE: the whole draft in a single word-searchable PDF file is linked here:

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