Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) was either clueless or just playing dumb about Big Tech censorship of conservatives, neither of which reflects well on a Republican senator.

Outside a Senate committee hearing, Rubio said he wanted to prevent “foreign interference in US elections,” yet when radio host Alex Jones pointed out that thousands of conservatives were being shadow banned by Big Tech, with the implication that it’s election interference against Republicans inside the US, Rubio acted as if he had no idea what was going on.

This despite the fact that for the past year, numerous high-profile conservatives have sounded the alarm regarding on-line censorship, including Diamond & Silk who testified to Congress on this very subject back in April.

The irony is that Rubio, who won reelection as an incumbent with only 52% of the vote, is not immune to the suppression of conservatives; his political future could be in jeopardy if his Republican-leaning supporters are censored, which is a growing possibility.

And it’s well-documented that Big Tech leans left, so why is Rubio avoiding accusations of Big Tech interference in US elections?

It’s not like Big Tech would rush to his aid if he seeks re-election against a Ocasio-Cortez-style candidate.

Additionally, if Rubio is concerned about foreign influence, then he should take a closer look at the recent news articles regarding Apple and Alphabet cozying up to China on a variety of deals, including Apple deleting 25,000 apps in China to appease government officials and Google developing a censored search engine in China called Dragonfly.

“Several human rights groups have called on Google to cancel Dragonfly, and a bipartisan group of six U.S. senators has condemned it as ‘deeply troubling,’” reported The Intercept. “Meanwhile, Google employees — most of whom knew nothing about the China plan until they read the news reports — want an ombudsperson to be appointed to review ‘urgent moral and ethical issues’ raised by the censorship.”

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