Make sure to tune in starting July 30 for our special 40-hour broadcast with a ton of guests, sales specials, shout outs to fans, never-before-seen content and other surprises!

In this broadcast, you’re going to learn who the real enemies of America are and what they really want.

Doesn’t it feel like the front politicians put on isn’t authentic but is merely a tool they use to maintain power and influence? We’re going to explore that in detail.

The broadcast starts at 8am on Tuesday, July 30 and extends well into Wednesday, July 31. It also corresponds with the upcoming Democratic debates that are, likewise, on July 30 and 31!

And of course we’ll be covering those debates, but that’s not all. Watch the broadcast throughout the day for unprecedented interviews with a wide variety of guests!

So, again, please tune into the Clown World 2 – Meet America’s Real Enemies 40-Hour Money Bomb Special Broadcast!

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