The elite are so terrified of a Donald Trump presidency they may go as far as to implement martial law, insider Roger Stone claimed on the Alex Jones Show Wednesday.

Responding to a caller who asked whether an attempt at President Obama’s life may be possible as a means to suspend the elections, Stone imparted nothing was out of the question as Trump’s enemies are growing increasingly desperate.

“Well look I think they’re capable of anything including martial law,” Stone said. “The establishment is petrified that this Trump wave is coming and they see no way to stop it.”

Pressed on what type of “October surprise” the elite might have in store for Trump, Stone highlighted speculation of an international false flag incident, and the more likely possibility of outright voter fraud.

“Well they could stage an international incident in which everybody has to rally around the president and use that as a pretext to cancel the election,” Stone told Alex Jones.

“I also have as you know very deep concern about these computerized voter machines that are going to be in the key states like Michigan and Ohio and New York and Pennsylvania where Donald Trump and only Donald Trump is competitive,” Stone said, before predicting he believed Trump would win on the first ballot if it comes down to a contested convention.

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