The American police state was on full display in Hollywood this weekend during the 88th Academy Awards.

Prior to the Oscars ceremony beginning Sunday, LAPD officers stopped and interrogated incoming attendees, searched their vehicles’ trunks and ran mirrors below undercarriages looking for bombs.

Once their papers checked out, drivers were free to proceed through a labyrinthine obstacle course of barricades where yet more officers were stationed.

Giant lines also formed at the fenced-off Hollywood Walk of Fame, where people walking the sidewalk were shaken down by police with metal detectors, while cops on motorcycles patrolled open areas.

“Everybody’s being suspected of a terrorist here on Hollywood Boulevard,” a man filming the spectacle said. “People’s bags are being checked. People are being wanded. People are submitting to all of this tyranny. We have a massive police state here in this country now brought on by 9/11, which was an inside job.”

Insiders last week blamed the Paris terror attacks for the upcoming Oscars’ “military state,” but it’s also possible police were concerned with a potential Black Lives Matter protest due to the “Oscars So White” controversy, as BLM demonstrators have previously protested and shut down various events.

With any luck, the outrageous martial law display will illustrate to BLM followers that the burgeoning police state is a threat to all races.

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