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Infowars.com | May 11, 2005

To aid viewers, listeners, and readers of Infowars in the tireless fight against the New World Order, documentary filmmaker and nationally syndicated radio host, Alex Jones has released his newest and most prodigious film to date, Martial Law 9-11: Rise of the Police State.

To help viewers of Martial Law get the most from the incredible amount of information presented in the film, Infowars.com would like to introduce a great new resource designed by viewer Dave Dion, MartialLaw911.info.

Like the course syllabi used by university instructors who have taught courses based on previous Alex Jones films, this site acts as the perfect guide to getting the most out Martial Law.

By presenting direct links to each news article and piece of evidence referenced throughout the film alongside the DVD time that they appear, MartialLaw911.info allows viewers to truly dig deeply into the film and to see for themselves proof of the growing tyranny that is overtaking the planet.

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