As consumer confidence hits its highest peak since 2001, a Marxist professor is still “living in fear” of Trump.

Olga Perez Stable Cox, who was thrown into the public spotlight after a video of her calling his election “an act of terrorism” went viral, is likely triggered over the fact that the election of Trump is a repudiation against socialist-leaning government policies worldwide.

This would explain Cox’s overreaction to the backlash she received from her viral rant.

“I feared that my home would be vandalized coming home from work each day. No matter what your rational side tells you, it’s still really frightening,” Cox said in response to the criticism over the video which she attributed to her leaving the school year early.

But she even admitted her fears were irrational and that the likelihood of an attack was extremely low.

The Costa Mesa Police and FBI told Cox that until her property is vandalized or she is attacked, there’s nothing they can do to help and they “don’t comment on information from individuals who claim to be victims of a crime.”

Although the Orange Coast College, Human Sexuality professor told her students Trump’s election was “an act of terror” and that Muslim, gay or undocumented students should be scared, optimism and hope in America is actually at a 15-year high.

Consumer confidence among Americans is the highest it has been since 2001, thanks to an improved economy and anticipation of the incoming Trump administration.

Trump even went to Twitter, crediting himself for the boost in confidence.

Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer breaks down the latest claims from the California professor.

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