Aaron Dykes
January 6, 2011

Following two suspicious explosions today in Maryland, the search term “Maryland Staged Terror” topped Google’s hot trends at #1 this Thursday, January 6, 2011. It, along with the #2 term “Prison Cities”, was initiated during the Alex Jones Show. Great job once again to our supporters who made it happen.

Here’s why:

• “Maryland Staged Terror” – Questions mounted immediately about the suspicious explosion incidents that occurred today in Maryland due to the standing pattern of FBI-staged “sting” incidents where they have provocateured patsies with Muslim names into taking action after providing them with bombs or bomb-making materials. One such incident was recently exposed in Maryland involving 21 year old Antonio Martinez a.k.a. Muhammad Hussain which Geraldo Rivera declared to be “bogus, absolutely bogus.”

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• “Prison Cities” – The extremist pushing the false-paradigm of impending climate change disaster have taken one step further, now vowing to confine humanity to tightly-controlled cities in the name of saving the earth. Those who resist climate change measures would even be sequestered to “ghettos,” according to new proposals.

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