The latest relic of the past being served up for skewering is the official state song of Maryland.

Delegate Karen Lewis Young says the 9-verse “Maryland My Maryland” was written in 1861 by James Ryder Randall and reflects his “Confederate sympathies.”

“I’m surprised that past efforts were unsuccessful,” she tells the Frederick News-Post, “but I think that recently, as our consciousness has been raised once again, it warrants [looking again] at this song.”

“The Civil War was the most divisive period in America’s history,” Young says, according to WBOC. “I don’t think our state song should be based on a battle hymn that celebrates that.”

She’s proposing  “a poem by the same title written in 1894 by John T. White.”

“His poem celebrates the beauty of Maryland. The beautiful shores, the majestic mountains,” according to Delegate Young. “It is in no way controversial, and I think we want to have a song that endures over time and something that just celebrates the state beauty, is unifying and enduring, and not controversial and divisive.”

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