A group of masked provocateurs confronted Infowars reporter Jakari Jackson in Ferguson, Mo., accusing him of being a “sellout” for criticizing the looting and arson taking place during the protests.

Warning: Strong Language, Viewer Discretion Advised
Scroll to the 1 hour, 7 minute mark for the confrontation

Below is a “clean” version with swearing bleeped out:

One of the provocateurs said he had been looking for Jackson and promptly accused him of “working with the enemy,” the establishment, because Jackson disapproved of the rampant destruction of private property throughout the city, including the loss of several local businesses which may never come back.

“I’ll show you a terrorist,” he told Jackson. “You’re a guest in the hood, so remember that.”

Jackson, however, stood his ground during the tense stand-off which lasted several minutes.

“I’m not vouching for breaking into buildings, that’s what I tried telling the guy,” he said after the confrontation. “If you’re going to come out here and express your anger, in a peaceful protest, that’s cool, but what’s breaking into that Boost Mobile store going to do to help anything?”

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