Iraqi soldiers reported on Wednesday that they have discovered mass graves of ISIS fighters from the town of Baiji. According to the soldiers they found 19 different mass graves containing about 365 bodies of ISIS fighters’ altogether. A senior army officer also confirmed that they have found different mass graves containing multiple ISIS fighters’ bodies, but until now they don’t know how many more they will find in surrounding neighborhood.

In a statement, the security forces said that “the total number of graves discovered by the heroes of the Popular Mobilization is 19.” According to officials the graves were found near Neighborhood of ARSI Baiji town, about 120miles north of Baghdad, approx. 200 in kilometers. But it is still not clear that about how many bodies in the grave are of ISIS fighters. It is also not clear how long the bodies were buried there and by whom. Baiji was once the country’s largest oil refinery but now completely destroyed by the forces, after been a part of the fights from past 16 months.

Iraqi forces which are led by the Popular Mobilization, an umbrella group which is dominated by Tehran Shiite militias have fully taken the area under their control in past few days. Some key flash points in the area changed hands many times since IS launched a sweeping offensive across Iraq in June 2014 but the broad operation launched about 10 days ago appears to have secured victory for the security forces.

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