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May 29, 2012

First lady Michelle Obama told a cozy group of 400 campaign supporters in Iowa last month that the 2012 Presidential Election could come down to only a “few thousand folks.”

“I just want you to remember that in the end, this all could come down to those last few thousand people that we register to vote. It could all come down to those few thousand folks we need to help to get to the polls in November,” the first lady said.

And boy, oh boy, is this administration stacking the deck! After all, just last month Florida election officials were denied help by the feds to confirm citizenship status (and voter fraud) for an estimated 180,000 illegal immigrants already registered to vote in Florida.

That’s 180,000 votes in just one SWING state in an election that is going to boil down to, as Mrs. Obama said, a “few thousand votes.”

According to state records, Florida election officials have determined that massive voter fraud is taking place and that as many as 180,000 non-residents are registered to vote in the sunshine state, and it only came to the attention of state election officials early last year when the state’s DMV turned over a large data-set containing the population’s residency information.  Upon sampling the data and running some preliminary checks, officials narrowed their estimate of illegally registered voters to 180,000.

How did this happen, you ask?

Florida’s Motor Voter Act of 1993 (which most states have some form of!) PROHIBITED even asking immigration status when an individual filled out their voter registration form while FAILING to require proof of citizenship!

One Naples voter admitted to NBC-2 Tampa reporter Andy Pierrotti that she was not a U.S. Citizen NOR A LEGAL IMMIGRANT – election records show she voted six times in the past eleven years!

This same investigation revealed Florida county supervisors of elections have no way to verify citizenship and are not required to ask for proof! Not having access to official state records, NBC-2 investigators were only able check a very small sample of “jury excusal” forms and cross-checking those where a person said they couldn’t serve because they were not U.S. Citizens with names in the database of Florida registered voters.

The office of Ken Detzner, Florida’s Secretary of State, says the Obama administration has been ignoring their repeated requests for access to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) databases that will allow them to quickly determine the citizenship status of those on the list and put the issue to rest. But the Obama administration doesn’t want that.

And we can only wonder why…

After all, with Barack Obama’s continuing failure to secure the U.S.-Mexico border and multiple backdoor amnesty, you can be certain who/what 180,000 illegal immigrants will be voting for in November 2012. Their champion, Barack Hussein Obama.

The integrity of our electoral process has been obliterated.  This self-serving administration (and Obama’s minions on Capitol Hill) are quick to draw the race-card whenever something so basic as ensuring only U.S. Citizens are registered to vote or passing Voter ID laws while America’s economy has been sucked dry and our laws remain unenforced.

This is serious, folks.
Lefty U.S. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, who hails from Florida, is even working against the effort to remove the 180,000 illegally registered voters from the ballots, putting the invasion of privacy of illegal immigrants above the integrity of our elections!

“The Florida Republicans’ desire to use Department of Homeland Security information – which is for the purpose of thwarting terrorists and not to engage in yet another round of voter suppression – would set a dangerous precedent,” Rep. Wilson said, “by not only taking away citizens’ constitutional right to vote but by giving state governments free rein to invade innocent Americans’ privacy.”

Obviously, Rep. Wilson missed the point – perhaps too distracted by the sparkly rhinestones on her ever-present Bedazzled cowboy hats – since (1) these 180,000 individuals registered to vote are NOT CITIZENS from what Florida election officials can tell, and that (2) by having the same level of confirmation of these person’s likely non-citizenship as the federal government, the state can ensure that not American citizens are unjustly removed from the rolls.

Given the Obama administration’s lack of cooperation, Florida has moved forward to check citizenship status of these 180,000 individual, notifying them first by mail with 30 days to respond, then publishing the names of these persons in the paper (in an attempt to gain their attention) if they fail to do so.  After the newspaper publication of the list, those persons identified will have 30 more days to respond, at which point they will be removed from the voter rolls if they still fail to confirm their eligibility to vote.

‘Obamnesty’ for themselves and approx. 12 million of their illegal immigrant friends and family members – that’s what illegal immigrants will be voting for in November, and the great Campaigner-in-Chief and his Capitol Hill sell-outs (who will cling to power with the help of their illegal immigrant supporters) are doing NOTHING to stop it…

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