The tragic school bus crash in Chattanooga may not have been an accident.

A parent who had 3 children on the bus, one of whom died, said children told her the bus driver asked “Are you ready to die”?

This raises the issue as to whether the crash — that killed 5 children, with 6 still in critical condition, another 6 being treated in hospital and another 19 treated and released — was an accident.

Will there be calls for background checks for bus drivers?

Will they demand that bus capacity be limited?

Will buses be banned?

These are the typical responses to mass murder by guns, but not by buses.

And what of the double standard?

Parents are charged with reckless endangerment and children taken away for not having them belted in.

We look at the ordeal of a women in the same town, Chattanooga, who was convicted of homicide after her child died when not in a car seat.

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