Kurt Nimmo
August 10, 2008

Israel’s Ynetnews is not ashamed of the role Israel plays in arming and training Georgia’s military. In fact, according to Arie Egozi, Israel is involved with Georgia specifically to gear its military up for confrontation with Russia:

For past seven years, Israeli companies have been helping Georgian army to prepare for war against Russia through arms deals, training of infantry units and security advice.

It sure helps that Georgia’s defense minister, Davit Kezerashvili, is a former Israeli who is fluent in Hebrew and worked with Israel. “His door was always open to the Israelis who came and offered his country arms systems made in Israel,” a source told Ynetnews. “Compared to countries in Eastern Europe, the deals in this country were conducted fast, mainly due to the defense minister’s personal involvement.” Some of the military hardware sold to Georgia includes remote-piloted vehicles, automatic turrets for armored vehicles, antiaircraft systems, communication systems, shells and rockets.

“According to Israeli sources, [former Israeli Brigadier-General] Gal Hirsch gave the Georgian army advice on the establishment of elite units such as Sayeret Matkal and on rearmament, and gave various courses in the fields of combat intelligence and fighting in built-up areas.” Sayeret Matkal is the main special forces unit of the Israeli Defense Force, modeled after the British SAS, and specializes in counter-terrorism, deep reconnaissance and intelligence gathering.

Arie Egozi writes that Israel’s Foreign Ministry worried about angering Russia with such military sales, but Georgian Minister Temur Yakobashvili said the “Israelis should be proud of themselves for the Israeli training and education received by the Georgian soldiers.”

Yakobashvili is a Jew and is fluent in Hebrew. “We are now in a fight against the great Russia,” he said, “and our hope is to receive assistance from the White House, because Georgia cannot survive on its own.

“It’s important that the entire world understands that what is happening in Georgia now will affect the entire world order. It’s not just Georgia’s business, but the entire world’s business.”

It remains to be seen if the U.S. will provide overt assistance to Georgia, although as we have consistently detailed on Infowars and Prison Planet there is mounting evidence they have provided covert assistance. In fact, as Russia’s media reports, the dead bodies of U.S. mercenaries continue to show up in South Ossetia, providing more than enough evidence of complicity. No doubt, as well, Israel’s complicity in aggression against South Ossetia is more than Arie Egozi and Ynetnews would have us believe.


As Jonathan Lis and Moti Katz report for Haaretz, Israeli soldiers who trained their Georgian counterparts report there “was an atmosphere of war about to break out. We received basic background about tensions between Georgia and Russia, but most of what I learned came from talking to the soldiers. From my point of view, the battles of the past few days were to be expected.”

L., who trained a Georgian reconnaissance unit, says the troops were high quality. “It’s not the standard we know in Israel, but when we left them they were at a good level. They took the training very seriously. There is a wider age range than in Israel, from 18 to 35, but they function very well. Over the past few days I’ve been following the news and I think they grasped a little of how to use strategy, like we taught them. It looks like we did a good job.” L. refuses to discuss the weapons they trained the Georgians with, but he says the program was approved by Israel’s Defense Ministry and included no classified information. “We taught them counterterror and house-to-house fighting, but that was very basic.”

This anonymous Israeli soldier, according to Harretz, “is furious over the Foreign Ministry directive to freeze Israeli weapons sales to Georgia. ‘When we found ourselves in a similar situation, we expected the world to act differently,’ he said.”

A similar situation? He must mean sneak attacking South Ossetia and killing over two thousand civilians.

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