June 6, 2013

The Watford Observer reports that “a massive police operation is being mounted around the hotel using anti-terror laws to close roads and footpaths” as the Bilderberg confab convenes and members of the financial elite arrive to discuss their agenda behind closed doors.

In addition to a large influx of police, the government has declared a no-fly zone over the globalist event, according to the newspaper.

Residents of the area are experiencing a virtual police state. “All public rights of way across the grounds of The Grove, including the towpath of the Grand Union Canal, are now suspended for the duration of the three-day conference.”

Roads are closed down and residents are required to show their papers as a prerequisite to gain access to their community.

Citizens invariably suffer when the global elite meet to discuss their annual plans for world government, war and economic implosion. Moreover, in addition to citizens enduring Gestapo-like treatment, police have manhandled the media and treated demonstrators as domestic terrorists.

Politicians are not immune. In 2011, at the Bilderberg confab in Switzerland, Italian European Parliament member Mario Borghezio was roughed up by police at the Suvretta hotel in St. Moritz.

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