Belgian authorities are raiding the neighbourhood of the bombmaker thought to be behind November’s Paris attacks as experts say he may have designed the explosives that killed at least 31 people today in Brussels.

Najim Laachraoui, 24, is also suspected of being responsible for the bombs used in the Paris massacre after it was revealed his DNA was found on suicide belts used in the Bataclan Theatre and the Stade de France.

Laachraoui reportedly travelled to Syria in February 2013 and was stopped by guards at the Austria-Hungary border on September 9 last year while driving a rented Mercedes he shared with Salah Abdesalam, according to the Belgian Federal Prosecutor.

The pair were also travelling with Mohamed Belkaid, 35, the man shot and killed during the raid to capture Abdelslam on Friday.

It is thought Laachraoui was not stopped as he was using a drivers licence under a different name and traveled to Budapest twice in September 2015.

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