Hillary Clinton’s fainting episode at a 9/11 memorial Sunday morning was preceded by months of Matt Drudge, the proprietor of the Drudge Report, claiming that Hillary’s health is worse than she lets on to the public.

Video of the incident shows Clinton going limp before being carried into a van by Secret Service agents. The Clinton campaign first downplayed the incident as “overheating,” before later blasting out a note from Clinton’s doctor saying she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.

Drudge again called attention to Clinton’s health last week after she had a severe coughing fit last Monday that lasted almost two minutes.

On Tuesday, Drudge tweeted out a picture of the Clinton press pool that had been photoshopped to portray the reporters wearing surgical masks. The Drudge Report prominently featured stories on Clinton’s coughing episode the same day, earning criticism from the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza.

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