Neocon Max Boot said Tuesday in the Washington Post that when America becomes “majority-minority” then “the Trump era will be seen as a sad last gasp of white resistance.”

“A few decades from now, when the entire country is majority-minority, the Trump era will be seen as a sad last gasp of white resistance — a reprehensible episode that will be recounted alongside the McCarthy era, the internment of citizens and noncitizens of Japanese descent during World War II, and the Palmer Raids,” Boot said.

Last year, Boot said that “hard-working Latin American” illegal immigrants should replace “contemptible Republican cowards” in order to “enhance America’s greatness.”

The MSM can no longer support the ever dwindling Russia Collusion hoax and must now concede that he won the election.

Jennifer Rubin, another neocon who works for Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post, shared Boot’s quote on Twitter, adding, “yes!”

Neocon Bill Kristol called for similar in February of 2017, saying the “lazy, spoiled” white working class should be replaced by “new Americans” who “really want to work hard.”

To quote the President of the United States of America, these people sure do seem to “hate whites!”

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