An ESPN commentator unleashed maximum ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ in response to the World Series champions Houston Astros accepting an invitation to visit the White House and President Trump.

During a panel discussion on ‘First Take,’ sports analyst Max Kellerman went on a decidedly Keith Olbermann-esque tirade against the Trump administration – while repeatedly claiming politics were not influencing his opinion on the Astros decision.

“It says they are making a grave error and are on the wrong side of history,” he said. “I want to be very clear about this: This has nothing to do with where you fall on the political spectrum – left or right.”

“I say what I say because what has gone on in this administration is abnormal and should not be normalized.”

“There is an investigation on-going into the Trump administration, and collusion with a hostile foreign power that involves our national election,” he continued. “It has never happened in my lifetime. All the President’s men seem to be implicated.”

Kellerman declared that he could not recall as scandalous a presidency since the Nixon administration.

Reiterating his assertion that all personal politics were removed from his viewpoint, Kellerman concluded, “It has to do with equal protection under the law, and constitutionality, and being a patriotic American citizen. You do not normalize this behavior with White House visits.”

He was immediately checked by guest Will Cain, who has engaged Kellerman in heated debates in the past.

“I’m sorry, Max, I don’t believe you,” responded Cain. “I don’t believe it has nothing to do with your politics, or at the very least that it has nothing to do with politics.”

Comments on the video, which was posted by ESPN, are indicative of how viewers feel about the once-hallowed network’s devolution into a CNN-like cesspool of Trump bashing.

“Lmao this is exactly why Espn has fallen off,” reads the most popular comment.

“ESPN needs to get off the liberal high horse. This is a LAME debate. Simple political posturing masquerading as reporting. Max tries to make it sound like it’s not a partisan issue, this is just shamefully ridiculous. Get back to sports!” reads another.

Kellerman has a history of using his podium in the sports world to rail against Trump and advance his progressive viewpoint, including siding with Colin Kaepernick and his ‘national anthem protests,’ for which Kellerman accused the NFL of “injecting politics” into the sport by playing the anthem in the first place. He also demanded white players join in the protests, and even went so far as to say that kneeling during the Star-Spangled Banner is a “sign of respect.”

Fox Sports 1 host, Jason Whitlock, responded to Kellerman, calling him out as an “Ivy league” progressive elitist who hopes to destroy American traditionalism as a whole.

“Playing the national anthem at sporting events has been a long tradition that goes well beyond the NFL and football,” said Whitlock. “And now we have people like Max, a good friend of mine, but he’s far left-wing; there are people that just want to overthrow everything and everything that we used to agree upon.”

ESPN has been hemorrhaging subscribers for years after peaking in 2010, yet they refuse to deviate from a headlong plunge into the oblivion of social justice and the #NeverTrump agenda.

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