Congresswoman Maxine Waters recently attended the 36th Biennial of the AME Connectional Lay Organization to deliver an important address to the Christian conference, and it took less than four minutes before it turned into a political screed against the president.

“Our struggles are constant and ongoing,” Waters told attendees last week. “I submit to you today, at this perilous moment in the history of this country, the leader of the free world, the president of the United States, is a man who is the least qualified to hold the most powerful and prestigious position.”

Waters unloaded a tsunami of adjectives to put her hatred for the president into perspective, in case there is anyone who isn’t already aware she loathes Trump and desperately wants to impeach him from office.

“We feel trapped with an unqualified, incapable, dishonest, illegitimate, unpatriotic imposter who is a racist, indecisive and dangerous,” said Waters, who alleged the president has a “well-documented undermining of our democracy that helped foreigners interfere in our election …”

Also, Trump is pure evil, she said, citing allegations of housing discrimination decades ago, claims he perpetuated that former President Obama wasn’t born in America, and Trump’s distaste for multimillionaire NFL players who protest the National Anthem.

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“Trump demonizes anyone he does not like, does not like him, or isn’t willing to pledge loyalty to him. He’s especially eager to demonize blacks, and his contempt for us is loud and clear,” Waters preached from behind clear lectern with the AME Church logo.

Waters delved into her personal feud with Trump and pointed out that she first called to impeach him in 2017. She addressed the president’s retaliation to her constant chants to impeach, then likened him to devil’s spawn.

“If he had actually known anything about me and my history, he should of known I cannot be intimidated. I don’t back down. I have no fear,” she said. “And my life’s work and experiences trained and developed me to take on demons like him.”

Waters alleged Trump’s condemnation of the violent clashes in Charlottesville, Virginia proves the president is racist, as does a travel ban on countries with strong ties to terrorism and efforts to stop criminals from exploiting the porous southern border.

Waters falsely framed Trump’s comments on Charlottesville as praise for racists, alleged his travel ban aimed to block Muslims, and claimed the president created the border crisis to attack Hispanics.

The 80-year-old career politician attempted to link reportedly poor conditions at overrun border patrol facilities with “the demonic history of the auction block – rife with evil and soaked in tears – where humans were sold like cattle and treated with less respect.”

Waters alleged blacks are still haunted with the “echoes of screaming children who were pulled from the arms of their parents.” Waters alleges Trump “admitted to separating families to punish them and discourage others from coming.”

“With sinister intent, refusing empathy to those who seek grace and salvation, Trump grovels in the depths of immorality,” Waters told those gathered at the Hyatt Regency in Bellevue, Washington.

Waters then patted herself on the back for Congress’ approval of legislation to provide relief for the border crisis, despite the obvious failure of lawmakers to fix loopholes in the immigration system that’s driving the massive migration.

Nonetheless, Waters likened her efforts to the mission of civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr., and vowed to fight perceived injustices on all fronts, from the California pension system, to the government education system, to gentrification, to welfare, to a criminal justice system “rife with implicit bias” – ironically all issues that impact her district more than most.

The lengthy screed tied her work to the church’s principles of social justice and she repeatedly touted her accomplishments becoming a black woman of power in government. She also repeatedly vowed to fight President Trump at every opportunity, and to force companies to increase “diversity.”

The remainder of Waters’ conversation meandered through shots at Trump and alleged injustices and white supremacy in America, gun violence in black communities, an evil conspiracy to keep minorities from achieving the American dream, and the president’s foreign policy decisions.

“So here’s some serious truths,” Waters told the church. “Trump demeans the poor, degrades women, condemns those who disagree with him, and vilifies any ethnic or racial group that doesn’t look like people at his country clubs.”

“The real enemies are lies, injustice, racism, bigotry, misogyny, hatred, disrespect, greed, exclusion, narrow-mindedness, preservation of privilege, intolerance, and anyone who propagates them,” she said, “especially a president who embodies all of them.”

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