Kurt Nimmo
June 29, 2011

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has launched an ad campaign portraying entirely legal gun shows as a venue exploited by terrorists to obtain firearms.

Not long ago, Bloomberg shamelessly exploited the tragic shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords by a mentally ill Jared Lee Loughner to push a firearms background check scheme.

Now he is exploiting a video featuring Adam Gadahn, said to head up al-Qaeda’s Sahab media wing. Earlier this month, Gadahn, aka Adam Pearlman from California, called for Muslims to buy guns and kill Americans. In the video, Gadahn makes the absurd claim that automatic weapons can be purchased at gun shows.

“Criminals already know how to take advantage of gaps in our gun laws, and now Al Qaeda knows, too. Americans, including N.R.A. members, overwhelmingly support stronger laws to keep guns away from terrorists and other dangerous people,” Bloomberg said in a statement.

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He paid for the ads out of his own pocket. Media buyers estimate he shelled out between $200,000 and$250,000 for the ads, according to the New York Times.

Bloomberg’s highly deceptive ad mixes in footage taken by his undercover operatives at gun shows in 2009, thus giving the impression that terrorists are buying fully automatic weapons from legal gun vendors. The ad urges viewers to contact their members of Congress to approve legislation that would further close down the right to purchase and own a firearm without government permission.

“The mayors’ ad is running on national cable news programs this week,” reports the Mayors Against Illegal Guns website. “It urges Congress to pass the Fix Gun Checks Act of 2011 and the Denying Firearms to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2011, bills pending that would close the loopholes Al Qaeda publicized. “

In May of 2007, then congressman from Illinois, Rahm Emanuel, used a Stand Up For a Safe America event sponsored by the Brady Center to call for denying the Second Amendment to citizens who end up on the terrorist no-fly list.

That same year the Inspector General of the Justice Department reported that the Terrorist Screening Center – the FBI-administered organization that consolidates terrorist watch list information in the United States – had over 700,000 names in its database. The list was growing by an average of over 20,000 records per month at the time.

Emanuel is now mayor of the one of the most Second Amendment unfriendly cities in America, Chicago.

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In 2010, Bloomberg produced a television ad exploiting the Columbine murders and placing the blame for the crime on gun show vendors instead of the perpetrators, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

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