July 9, 2012

photoSoviet era apartments are larger than Bloomberg’s ideal living space.

New York’s anti-Big Gulp mayor Michael Bloomberg has devised a plan to cram cash-poor empty nesters into dorm-sized apartments on Manhattan no larger than 200 square feet, or about 20 by fifteen feet in size.

Sustainable development under the United Nations’ Agenda 21 calls for restricted housing space and the elimination of cars in favor of walking, bicycling (imagine that during a New York winter), and mass transit.

Because population density will grow and living space will shrink as the masses are herded into locked down cities, more and more people – primarily the cash-poor (call them what they will be: a new class of serfs) – will be obliged to live in smaller and smaller spaces.

A bevy of green codes will be instituted under the excuse of saving the earth – and preserving an off-limits Wildlands project (comprising 50% of the country). The new control freak rules will be mercilessly enforced by a globalist Gestapo answerable to a small cadre of international apparatchiks who will be appointed by the global elite and their “public-private partners” (or fascist) transnational corporations.

New York is not alone in the quest to diminish expectations (to match diminished job and career expectations) – San Francisco is working on a plan to “downsize” apartments to a meager 150 square feet, or the size of a large closet.

That’s a little more than twice the size of the average detention cell at Guantanamo. Apartment sizes in the former Soviet Union were spacious by comparison.

Welcome to Maurice Strong’s Brave New World!

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