Investigating why the city was suing residents over a popular Christmas light display, Fox News reporter Jesse Watters earlier this week confronted Plantation, Florida, Mayor Diane Veltri Bendekovic, who did not want to discuss the case.

The city is currently suing residents Mark and Kathy Hyatt for their yearly “Extreme Christmas light” decorations, a display the family and neighbors say they look forward to each year.


“Some of the things we’ve done here is a lot of the things we have on our display we handmake,” Mark Hyatt told Watters. “We have volunteers come in, high school kids, veterans, they all come in, they lend a hand.”

Despite thousands visiting the display and countless dollars raised for various charities, the Hyatts claim the city is pressuring them to charge attendees.

“I’ve always thought it was about money,” Mark Hyatt told Watters speaking to the city’s possible motives. “They’re just not making money on this, and they wanted money from us and when we wouldn’t give it to them all of the sudden we’re in court.”

“They came to me and said well you should charge to have people come in. We wouldn’t do that,” Hyatt says.

Residents all voiced disbelief at city’s decision.

The Hyatts claim they now owe the city over $7,000 in fines, according to their website.

Watters caught up with Mayor Bendekovic with groceries in tow.

“Merry Christmas. We wanted to know why are you suing a family for having Christmas lights on their house?” Watters asked the mayor.

Watch the rest of the incredible exchange below:

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