Prominent British journalist, Katie Hopkins, unloaded on London Mayor Sadiq Khan in a series of tweets condeming the Muslim leftist for presiding over an explosive rise in jihad-like violence and terrorism in one of the world’s most important cities.

“Sadiq Khan. Mayor of the Acid Attack Capital of Europe and Knife Crime Capital of Britain. Get a selfie with that fact, tw*t,” she wrote, likely in reference to Khan’s penchant for selfies and similar photos used to promote his radical globalist-Islamist agenda, “You utter Khan’t. Acid attacks surged on your watch. Plus knife crime. Plus terror. We call on you to sort it.”

Acid attacks in the UK have become commonplace within a very short period of time, and it is now considered the acid attack capital of the world, according to Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) director, Jaf Shah.

“Per capita the UK has one of the highest rates of recorded acid attacks in the world,” reports ASTI. “In 2016, in London alone, corrosive substances were used in 454 crimes, compared to 261 in 2015, according to London Police figures.

“Most acid attack crimes happened in London, where over 1,200 cases were recorded over the past 5 years. From 2011-1016 there were 1,464 crimes involving acid or corrosive substance.”

“Where societies are often still very patriarchal, the attacks are mostly perpetrated by men against women, for reasons related to a love spat, rejection of sexual advances or refusal of a marriage proposal,” Shah explained to French publication Libération. “It is symbolic, an attack against their beauty, their femininity, the goal is not to kill but to disfigure them, to stigmatize them socially.”

Paul Joseph Watston explained on yesterday’s broadcast of the Alex Jones radio show that the “clear majority of these attacks are taking place in Newham and Tower Hamlets, two boroughs of London that – surprise, surprise – are Muslim ghettos.”

Last week, a teenager on a moped carried out five acid attacks in under 90 minutes before being apprehended by police. Some of his victims were left with “life-changing” injuries, and one man is likely to lose sight in one of his eyes.

On July 4, a heavily pregnant woman had acid thrown across her stomach and her partner’s face after an argument with a group of Somali men.

Katie Hopkins has been outspoken in the wake Islamic terrorism in the UK and London under Khan’s watch, making her a target for his Metropolitan Police, who opened an investigation into her social media commentary after she was reported to the agency by a ‘thought crime’ snitch.

“Police have already opened one investigating into Mail Online columnist Katie Hopkins after she said Western men need to ‘demand action’ in response to the terrorist nail bomb attack which targeted children leaving an Ariana Grande concert,” reported Infowars’ Kit Daniels. “It’s mindblowing that London police will spend manpower censoring free speech on Twitter while children are being targeted in terrorist attacks, but this isn’t accidental.”

Hopkins addressed this matter in another recent tweet direct at Khan, saying, “You committed £1.7 million over 2 years to police my twitter feed, son. Your priorities are yourself & your religion.”

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