The Mayor of Cologne is coming under increasing pressure after she said that women should follow a “code of conduct” to avoid sexual attacks by Muslim migrants by keeping potential rapists at “arms length”.

The comments were made after a crisis meeting was called in response to a mass molestation of women near Cologne train station on New Years Eve. The perpetrators were Arab and North African migrants, setting off a firestorm of debate about Germany’s open door refugee program.

Mayor Henriette Reker reacted to the incident by asserting that it had nothing to do with Germany’s refugee program despite the fact that a wave of sexual assaults have been reported in and around migrant camps in the country for the past six months.

Reker doubled down on her comments, asserting that women should stay at “arms length” from strangers to prevent being molested.

“There’s always the possibility of keeping a certain distance of more than an arm’s length – that is to say to make sure yourself you don’t look to be too close to people who are not known to you, and to whom you don’t have a trusting relationship,” she told journalists.

Reker also advised women, “stick together in groups, don’t get split up, even if you’re in a party mood.”

This prompted a huge backlash, with Germans flooding Twitter to ridicule the pro-refugee Mayor.

“I have short arms. Will that be a problem for me then in the worst case scenario?” tweeted Birgit Haase.

Others were even harsher, with Julie Zeilinger accusing the Mayor of blaming the victims for being attacked.

Reker also asked Germans to follow this “code of conduct” at Cologne’s upcoming festival so as to avoid confusing migrants “from other cultures”. There was no discussion of the fact that Germany is importing potentially millions of people from a culture and a religion that treats women little better than animals.

Top German broadcaster ZDF also apologized for its delay in reporting the story. Police initially claimed that there were no incidents on New Years Eve, prompting accusations of a cover-up. German police were previously caught covering up details of rapes linked to migrants so as not to “legitimize” critics of mass immigration.

Meanwhile, rumors are swirling that Chancellor Angela Merkel is set to reveal a new “code of conduct” for German women to prevent rapes by Muslim migrants….


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