Adan Salazar
April 8, 2013

No one in California has had their guns confiscated and the government destroys any record of a firearm background check within 24 hours, the Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Mark Glaze, told Erin Burnett’s CNN audience last night.

Arguing that fears of a background check system leading to a national gun registry are “outmoded,” Glaze stated, “But the truth is it’s illegal to create a national gun registry, nobody wants to create a national gun registry, and a lot of states already require background checks for all gun purchases and effectively keep lists of people who have passed those background checks and nobody in California has come to take anyone’s guns, in fact they had record gun sales this year.”

Glaze’s claim that no one in California has had their guns confiscated is a ridiculously bold lie and is easily refuted by simply reviewing recent mainstream articles written on the subject.

As Bloomberg writers Michael B. Marois and James Nash pointed out in two separate articles, California is actively confiscating firearms from citizens deemed “illegal.”

“California is the only state that tracks and disarms people with legally registered guns who have lost the right to own them, according to Attorney General Kamala Harris,” an article titled, “California Seizes Guns as Owners Lose Right to Keep Arms,” states.

Another article by the same two Bloomberg authors, titled, “California’s Gun Repo Men Have a Nerve-Racking Job,” also refutes Glaze’s assertion:

California’s been going after guns since 2007. Last year agents seized about 2,000 weapons, 117,000 rounds of ammunition, and 11,000 high-capacity magazines, according to state data. The list of those no longer eligible to keep weapons is compiled by matching files on almost 1 million gun owners with databases of new criminal records and involuntary mental health commitments. About 15 to 20 names are added each day, the attorney general’s office says.

But of course, facts don’t matter when you’re arguing for the sake of arguing, as Mark Glaze demonstrably was.

Later on in the segment, he went on to ludicrously claim that the government destroys any record of a firearm background check within 24 hours of purchase, another disingenuous statement easily negated by looking back at recent articles.

Last week, we reported on 50-year-old David A Schmecker, an honorably discharged disabled US Navy veteran having his guns and pistol permit confiscated after his primary care doctor called him and heard a message on his answering machine that “sounded peculiar.” Police were sent to his home and hauled him to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

Last year, we reported that David Sarti, one of the “preppers” in the National Geographic show Doomsday Preppers, also had his guns confiscated after visiting his doctor complaining of chest pains. After Sarti refused to have tubes inserted to alleviate breathing difficulties, the doctor insinuated that he was suicidal and alerted authorities. Sarti was committed to a psychiatric ward, after which he was labelled “mentally defective” and put on an FBI “no-gun” list.

And just reported today, a New York man had $6,500 worth of his handguns and rifles confiscated after his son allegedly threatened to use a water pistol against bullies that taunted his friends at school.

If a gun registry of sorts wasn’t already in place, how else would so-called authorities pinpoint whether or not any of these people actually possessed firearms?

Fortunately, Second Amendment proponents had a strong defender of liberty in their corner to duke it out with the smug Constitutional traitors. Gun Owners of America Director Larry Pratt responded to Glaze’s pathetic arguments stating the government in fact warns gun dealers online that their data will become centralized:

“… I think it’s stunning that a government that is complicit in the murder of at least 400 Mexicans through the Fast and Furious program, designed to get guns into the hands of the Mexican cartel, is now hiding behind the parents of those at Newtown and telling that somehow they are the people to be trusted with our names and addresses. We’re not buying that. We don’t trust it.

“In fact the Justice Department tells dealers that when you go for a background check online… that data becomes the permanent data of the federal government.”

It’s clear anti-gun lobbyists intentionally misconstrue or deny actual facts, and are working just as hard to eviscerate the cornerstone of the US Constitution as Second Amendment advocates are to save it.

By continually waving the bloody shirts of the Newtown children, the Obama administration and cohorts have demonstrated they’re pulling out all the stops in their daring, gradual and piecemeal deconstruction of Americans’ gun rights.

During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans Police called for a city-wide door-to-door gun confiscation to be carried out by local police, U.S. Army National Guard soldiers, and Deputy U.S. Marshals. Weeks later, a U.S. District Court issued an order barring unconstitutional gun confiscation.

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