Orange Punch
July 8, 2008

OK, John McCain and Barack Obama are both statists — believers in the power of big government. But the new McCain ad reveals this to a tee. It’s all about “public service,” and it ends with this tag line: “Don’t hope for a better life, vote for one.” (Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan.) Libertarians and traditional conservatives believe that government should be strictly limited and that we don’t vote for a better life, but to elect officials who run some basic government services. One creates a better life through hard work and initiative, not through the ballot box. We perhaps can vote for officials who are less apt to give us a worse life through more government control, but it’s a delusion to think that the public’s happiness is created through voting and government. Obama believes a lot of this same nonsense with his “change” motto, but McCain’s message is even worse. It’s not surprising for a lifelong government employee.

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