Kurt Nimmo
August 23, 2008

Jim Kuhnhenn, writing for the Associated Press, tells us that the American Issues Project, described as a “conservative nonprofit group” linked to John McCain, “is spending $2.8 million on an ad questioning Democrat Barack Obama’s relationship to a founder of the 1960s radical group Weather Underground,” William Ayers.

The SDS and the Weatherman were rife with FBI informers and agents provocateurs tasked with discrediting the antiwar movement of the 1960s.  

Apparently, the American Issues Project wants you to think Obama, who counts Goldman Sachs and the investment bankers as his staunchest supporters, is in bed with “a remorseless domestic terrorist,” an absurdity at best. In fact, Obama takes orders from terrorists higher up, for instance Zbigniew Brzezinski, the man responsible for creating the Afghan Mujahideen, an organization that would eventually metamorphize into the Taliban and al-Qaeda with the helping hand of the CIA, Pakistan’s ISI, and gobs of Saudi moolah.

At any rate, it should be recalled that Ayers’ Weather Underground was a pet project of the FBI back in the day. The FBI not only monitored the Weather Underground after it splintered off from the Students for a Democratic Society, they also infiltrated the group and stocked it up with violent lunatics of the sort the American Issues Project are complaining about.

“One of the most militant members of the Weather Underground, ‘widely known for his skill in making bombs and fuses,’ had often criticized his comrades for limiting their bombing to property. He berated them, stating that ‘true revolutionaries had to be ready and anxious to kill people.’ It turned out that he was a paid informer and agent provocateur for the FBI,” writes Michael Linfield (Freedom Under Fire: U.S. Civil Liberties in Times of War, South End Press, 1990).

“The FBI had informers in the Weatherman organization who acted as agent provocateurs,” writes M. Wesley Swearingen (FBI Secrets: An Agents Expose, South End Press, 1999, p. 70). “The informers helped incite the Weathermen to riot against the police and the establishment in Chicago. The ensuing demonstrations, from October 8-11, 1968, became known as the ‘Days of Rage,’ when top Weatherman leaders were arrested by the Chicago police, just as the FBI hoped.”

In fact, as David C. Rapoport documents in his book, Terrorism: Critical Concepts in Political Science, the SDS and the Weatherman were rife with FBI informers and agents provocateurs (see Gary T. Marx, The agent provocateur and the informant, American Journal of Sociology, 1974, published in Rapoport’s book, specifically pages 197-200). Examples abound of the FBI, CIA, and military intelligence infiltrating and creating radical organizations, particularly under the aegis of the FBI’s COINTELPRO, the CIA’s Operation CHAOS, Project MERRIMAC, and Project RESISTANCE.

At the same time, the Pentagon, through its Division of Military Services, “infiltrated thousands of legitimate civilian political organizations. Data banks with as many as 100,000 entries each were maintained at intelligence headquarters at Fort Holabird, Maryland, and at Fourth Army headquarters at Fort Sam Houston, Texas,” note Morton Halperin, Jerry Berman, Robert Borosage, Christine Marwick (The Lawless State: The crimes of the U.S. Intelligence Agencies, Penguin Books, 1976, p. 160). “With the exception of the FBI, the military intelligence services collected more information on American politics in the sixties than any other federal agency.”

It is not clear if Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, were part of this widespread government manipulation of the more radical fringes of the antiwar movement in the 1960s and early 1970s, although their relationship with insider Obama should cast a hefty pall of suspicion over the duo.

However, this is irrelevant, as the larger point is that much of the violence of the time was orchestrated directly by the government as a way to discredit and emasculate the opposition. Of course, these troublesome facts are rarely if ever mentioned by “conservatives” as they go after Barack Obama, who is a consummate insider with a CFR connected wife and connections via Zbigniew Brzezinski to the Trilateral Commission and David Rockefeller. Attempting to characterize Obama as some kind of wild-eyed post-60’s Marxist associated with bomb-throwing terrorists is, to say the least, the ultimate absurdity.

As usual, things are quite different than a handful of McCain flunkies would have us believe.

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