Kurt Nimmo
March 13, 2008

It didn’t make the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. John McCain’s “spiritual guide,” as the Times Online puts it, is Reverend Rod Parsley of the World Harvest Church of Columbus, Ohio. Parsley, like McCain’s neocon handlers, wants forever war with Islam. If Obama was obliged to publicly denounce and reject the support of Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, after he received unsolicited praise from the “controversial figure” — again, the Times Online — why has not McCain denounced the war and hate monger Parsley?

It’s a no-brainer, really, and again we can attribute this deafening silence to McCain’s neocon handlers, including Bill Kristol, the boy wonder of the neocons; Gary Schmitt, PNAC criminal; Eliot Cohen, Mr. World War Four; Robert Kagan, the Carnegie Endowment neocon; Max Boot, the CFR neocon; James Woolsey, former CIA boss and bomb Iran sing-along; and last but hardly least a hearty sprinkling of New World Order insiders, most notably Henry Kissinger, renowned Rockefeller toady, and Brent Scowcroft, Bush crime family intimate.

The Reverend Rod Parsley, then, is simply a bit of trim, albeit particularly putrid and nauseating.

“The leader of a 12,000-member megachurch, Mr Parsley has written several books detailing his fundamentalist views, including the 2005 Silent No More,” writes Hannah Strange for Times Online. “In this contentious work, Mr Parsley castigates homosexuals, abortionists, the entertainment industry and civil libertarians before turning his attention to the perceived threat to the United States from Muslims.”

It’s a long list of people Parsely has it out for, but the Muslims really get under his skin.

In a chapter titled “Islam: The Deception of Allah,” Mr Parsley speaks of Allah as a “demon spirit” and urges “war between Islam and Christian civilization”. There is no difference between violent Islamist extremists and moderate Muslims, he argues.

“I cannot tell you how important it is that we understand the true nature of Islam, that we see it for what it really is,” he writes. “In fact, I will tell you this: I do not believe our country can truly fulfill its divine purpose until we understand our historical conflict with Islam.

“I know that this statement sounds extreme, but I do not shrink from its implications. The fact is that America was founded, in part, with the intention of seeing this false religion destroyed, and I believe September 11, 2001, was a generational call to arms that we can no longer ignore.”

Parsley’s choice, the Manchurian Candidate, is all about this “war between Islam and Christian civilization,” and if he gets his way it will go on for a hundred years, maybe a lot longer. His neocon handlers are all about this war, too. Most want to begin with Iran.

For the corporate media here in the United States, all of this is really a non-starter. Do a Google search with the words “McCain” and “Parsley” and marvel at the almost complete lack of mention in the larger corporate media. Sure, the media in Iran and Pakistan, both Muslim countries, have picked up the story, and a scattering in the United Kingdom, but not a syllable out of the corporate media in the states, with the lone exception of a CBS outpost in New York.

But then the corporate media describe McCain as a Republican stalwart, even as Republicans complain about McCain’s “liberal” leanings, at least when it comes to gay marriage and abortion. Few talk about the fact he is a neocon robotron, never mind the social issues neocons don’t care about so long as they can wrangle the U.S. military into killing a few million Muslims, as the murder of a million Iraqis was, for them, just the beginning.

Now it appears the McManchurian will pick Mitt as his running mate. Not that it matters. Because the next decider-commander will be a Democrat and there really is not a whit of difference between the neocon Republicans and the neolib Democrats, except stylistically, of course. More war, mass murder, and crimes against humanity are in the cards come November because our rulers are sticklers when it comes to attacking “rogue nations,” that is to say nations not wanting to play ball with the IMF loan sharks and the international bankers.

However, you have to hand it to the Democrats for at least attempting to cleanse their potential selectee of the taint exuding from Louis Farrakhan’s endorsement, while McCain seems to be unable to excuse the hatemonger Parsley. McCain is joined at the hip with the reverend because his advisors tell him to go wide for the Christian right vote, you know the folks who fell for Skull and Bones Bush the last time around.

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