Alex Spillius
UK Telegraph
March 14, 2008

John McCain
  Recall politicians said likewise things about Vietnam. As it turns out, the "genocide" was committed by the U.S. against the people of SE Asia, killing around 4 million, although the exact total will never be known because "we don’t do body counts," as General Tommy Franks famously quipped.

On the eve of his first overseas visit since becoming the Republican nominee, John McCain has warned that an early withdrawal of US troops from Iraq would lead to “chaos and genocide across the region”.

While adopting a more conciliatory tone to US allies than George W Bush, the man he hopes to succeed in the White House, the Arizona senator will take his uncompromising message on the war to London, Paris and the Middle East next week.

In a free-ranging interview on board his newly refurbished bus The Straight Talk Express in New Hampshire, Mr McCain said he would ask Britain and other allies for patience on Iraq.

“My aspiration is that if we show success in Iraq that our European allies will come in and help out in the myriad of ways necessary to rebuild that tragic, war torn country,” he said, making it clear that he was determined to keep US troops in Iraq.

“One of the debates of this election will be if the American people want a candidate who wants to get out [of Iraq] as quickly as possible.

“If we do that then al-Qa’eda wins, we have chaos and genocide throughout the region and they will follow us home. That’s been my position – forever,” said Mr McCain, who will battle either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama for the Democrats in November’s presidential election.

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