Kurt Nimmo
April 20, 2008

It looks like we’re screwed. A few months ago, it appeared the Democrats had themselves an almost guaranteed White House shoo-in. Now they seem to be sabotaging their party from the inside out, throwing the election to the wind. Of course, the corporate media is helping along this process by concentrating on “anti-American” preachers, Hillary’s fairy tales about life under sniper fire, and even Obama’s bowling score, if you can believe it.

Democrats will not save us, they were selected by the same elite that selects Republicans. Hillary and Obama are following the globalist script and continually talk of taking a swing at Iran while at the same time mildly rebuking the neocons for the mess in Iraq.

It really isn’t a mess, of course, as the mission, now mostly accomplished, is to reduce Iraq — and eventually Iran and Syria — to a Stone Age condition and thus “level the playing field,” that is to say “rebuild” the Arab and Muslim Middle East the way globalists, bankers, and multinational corporations want it rebuilt: as a slave plantation based on the China model.

Even so, Hillary the Bilderberger Ice Queen and Obama the Rockefeller-Brzezinski sock puppet seem more or less sane, not subject to angry outbursts like the mental case John McCain.

Now we learn that McCain almost decked Charles E. Grassley, senator from Iowa, back in 1992. The Washington Post reports:

It was early 1992, and the occasion was an informal gathering of a select committee investigating lingering issues about Vietnam War prisoners and those missing in action, most notably whether any American servicemen were still being held by the Vietnamese. It is unclear precisely what issue set off McCain that day. But at some point, he mocked Grassley to his face and used a profanity to describe him. Grassley stood and, according to two participants at the meeting, told McCain, “I don’t have to take this. I think you should apologize.”

McCain refused and stood to face Grassley. “There was some shouting and shoving between them, but no punches,” recalls a spectator, who said that Nebraska Democrat Bob Kerrey helped break up the altercation.

Kerry should have told them to take it outside. But seriously, the incident reveals more than we probably want to know about McCain’s state of mind and his inability to check his anger at the door. Imagine this guy in possession of the Nuclear Football, also called the President’s Emergency Satchel, The Button, The Black Box or just The Football. Imagine a McCain outburst over Kim Jong-il or Iran’s mullahs in the Situation Room and then reaching for the SATCOM radio and calling for nukes to fly. Scary indeed.

Not that anger matters to the neocons who run the McManchurian candidate. “Does he get angry? Yes,” senator Joe Lieberman told the Post. “But it’s never been enough to blur his judgment… If anything, his passion and occasional bursts of anger have made him more effective.” In other words, if McCain makes it to the White House — and he will if the Democrats can’t get their act together — his irrational anger and “passion” will serve the neocons well, even more so than the malleability of George Bush, a man so intellectually adrift he had the dirty trickster Karl Rove act as his brain.

Indeed, McCain will be “effective,” that is to say effective in killing Arabs and Muslims. As it now stands, the neocons have slaughtered nearly three million Iraqis since 1991, a record closing in on the death toll in Southeast Asia, a massive war crime McCain participated in, that is until the North Vietnamese shot his A-4E Skyhawk out of the sky.

Like I said, with this “hot-head,” as the corporate media on occasion calls him, in the White House we’re screwed. Bush’s neocons have set the stage for McCain, who has the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act of 2006, the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007, and a flurry of Constitution-busting executive orders to serve as tools to be used against those who oppose his century of war and madness in the Middle East.

Of course, that assumes there will be anything left in the wake of McCain sending aloft the first wave of nukes after one of his tizzies.

It can only be hoped, if McCain is selected to be decider-commander, the neocons will put a heaping dose of Valium in his morning coffee.

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