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WASHINGTON – PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX – Following the debate on immigration reform that John McCain had with himself at today’s meeting of the National Association of Latino Elected Officials, the Democratic National Committee released a new web video called “McCain vs. McCain: Immigration Reform.” During this campaign, McCain has abandoned his support for comprehensive immigration reform to pander to the right wing of his Party. After adopting an enforcement-first approach that he previously said wouldn’t work, McCain even promised to vote against the bipartisan bill that bears his name if came up for a vote.

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McCain’s conversion was on full display at NALEO. During his prepared remarks, Senator McCain said we must prove “that we can and will secure our borders first.” But McCain flipped minutes later during the question and answer session, saying comprehensive immigration reform would be “my top priority yesterday, today, and tomorrow.” Finally, McCain concluded by reversing himself yet again, saying we need to “move forward with our border security and then address this issue in a humane and compassionate fashion.”

“After watching him debate himself on immigration reform at NALEO today, it’s easy to see why John McCain wanted to make last week’s meeting with Hispanic leaders in Chicago a closed-door event,” said DNC Communications Director Karen Finney. “Apparently, Senator McCain’s idea of ‘straight talk’ means giving two different answers to a straightforward question about whether he supports comprehensive immigration reform or an enforcement-first approach to the issue. McCain’s promise to vote against his own comprehensive immigration reform bill is yet another example of his election year conversions on the critical issues facing our country.”

To see the DNC’s new video “McCain vs. McCain: Immigration Reform” click here:

DNC VIDEO: McCain vs. McCain: Immigration
Chyron: McCain vs. McCain: Comprehensive Immigration Reform or Enforcement First?

Chyron: Round 1 – “Secure the Border First” – 11:13 AM

MCCAIN: “That we can and will secure our borders first while respecting the dignity and rights of citizens and legal residents of the United States.” [McCain Remarks Before NALEO, 6/28/08]

Chyron: Round 2 – Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Not Enforcement First – 11:25 AM

QUESTION: “As the next President of the United States of America, will comprehensive immigration reform and not just enforcement be one of your top policy priorities in your first 100 days in office?”

MCCAIN: “It’ll be my top priority yesterday, today, and tomorrow.” [McCain Remarks Before NALEO, 6/28/08]

Chyron: Round 3 – Border Security First – 11:44 AM

MCCAIN: “That is a compelling reason for us to move forward with our border security, and then address this issue in a humane and compassionate fashion.” [McCain Remarks Before NALEO, 6/28/08]

Chyron: January 2008: Would Vote Against His Own Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill

QUESTION: “If your original proposal came to a vote in the Senate floor, would you vote for it?”

MCCAIN: “It won’t. It won’t. That’s why we went through the debate.” QUESTION: “But what if it did?” MCCAIN:
“No, I would not.” [CNN Debate, 1/30/08]

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