Huffington Post
July 8, 2008

The town hall is symbolic of intelligent discourse between leaders and their constituents, a place where citizens can go to get their voices heard.

John McCain is utilizing this great American tradition in his 2008 presidential campaign, holding ‘town halls’ all over the country.

At a July 7th town hall meeting in Denver, 61-year-old Carol Kreck brought a "McCain=Bush" sign with her to the event, an attempt to point out the many perceived similarities between McCain and current President George W. Bush.

She was promptly ejected at the ‘request of the secret service.’ She was also ticketed for trespassing. The astute Kreck points out, "Why would Republicans who voted for Bush find it offensive that a sign says ‘Bush equals McCain’ or ‘McCain equals Bush?’ Why is that offensive?" A man with a similar view can be seen in the background wearing a costume depicting Bush and McCain as ‘peas in a pod’.

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