Infowars reports on the farce of McDonald’s at South by Southwest in three special reports.

There has been a lot of hype about McDonalds corp making a huge splash at this years South by Southwest in the form of a giant food truck and dining tent complete with indie bands and cell phone charging stations. reporter Anthony Gucciardi dares to ask Mcdonalds employees what ingredients are in their McNuggets and he is shoved out on the street by security. Behind the greasy smile of Ronald McDonald is a toxic soup of “food” that is served to the sheep daily. Ask the filth merchants “what’s in it” and be prepared to face the wrath of McTYRANNY.

Infowars reporter Joe Biggs dressed up as Donald McRonald, Ronald McDonald’s ethical brother, and went to the massive McDonalds tent at SXSW in downtown Austin, TX to protest the dangerous chemicals and additives in McDonalds food.

Thousands of SXSW festival goers are completely unaware that they are under an intense psyop as they make their way through the streets of Austin. What started as a place for bands to get exposure is now a joint mind control operation between dying corporations who are fighting to stay relevant and hip and the city of Austin, which rakes in millions in tax revenue. Here the blueprint to create and sustain a mindless party culture industry is enabled by the thousands of gullible attendees looking for a chance at star down and the armies of volunteers looking to break into the industry.

In order to break people out of their trance, we have focused most of our attacks on the blue chip corporation McDonalds, which in addition to giving away food containing estrogen mimickers GMO’s and plastic like cancer causing chemicals, is subliminally attacking the subconscious mind with images of death, deformed and diseased children.

These are the innocent victims of The Battle of Fallujah, these horrible birth defects and deformities were brought on by the use of depleted uranium bombs and shells dropped but the US government. These types and defects are now showing up in the children from vets who served there. Notice the similarities between the McDonalds art and the photos. But this is not just limited to McDonalds, the CIA has been using art as weapon since the 1950’s, in a program called “long leash”. And now that the CIA is openly operating domestically we can expect more attacks on our mind, body and soul. McDonalds should be shamed for invoking death, disease and deformity as something trendy, but by not speaking out, we have only ourselves to blame. Rob Dew reporting for

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