John Nolte
July 23, 2013

Note: To avoid any confusion, let me say up front I’m not calling for anyone to be fired. Like calling for boycotts, anything involving joining, or saving the environment — calling for people to be fired is something I don’t do.

From what I understand of the situation involving disgraced cooking queen Paula Deen, after being robbed three decades ago, she privately used the N-word. Deen has admitted to this. In depositions, she also admitted to telling jokes about gays, blacks, Jews, and “rednecks.” Everything else is hearsay involving a lawsuit and media interpretations of what is being said in the actual depositions.

So what we know is that during or after a robbery in the mid-eighties Deen said the N-word, that she tells jokes about everyone (including her own people: “rednecks”), and that the consequence of this involved two weeks of a full-blown media pile-on that resulted in her being fired by the Food Network and losing top sponsors.

Fair enough. I don’t set the rules, and I’m not defending Deen.

But if them’s the rules, them’s the rules.

Except… those aren’t the rules.

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