Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Media & Blogosphere React To Sheens Request For Meeting With Obama 090909top

Alex Jones interviews Charlie Sheen.

The media and the blogosphere have begun to react to actor Charlie Sheen’s call for a meeting with President Obama to discuss the 9/11 cover-up, with even some of Sheen’s detractors praising the style of his “20 Minutes WIth The President” letter.

With big corporate media networks expected to wade in on the controversy today or tomorrow, as happened when Sheen first went public with his 9/11 questions in March 2006, the first responses have originated from online only news websites and blogs.

One of the first to react was Kim LaCapria of the Inquisitr blog, who lauded Sheen’s style of “fanfic” writing in the form of his mock meeting with the President.

“Charlie Sheen has taken questioning the official account of September 11th to a whole new level,” writes LaCapria, adding, “He’s written a fanfic about it. He doesn’t call it fanfic, but any of us who used to be addicted to Harry Potter fanfic know what fanfic is – we recognize it when we see it.”

“As a native New Yorker who thinks the 9/11 Commission Report was an insult and that the previous administration is at least guilty of criminal negligence, I don’t begrudge Sheen his fervor on the subject,” she adds.


A report on the story was more sophomoric than complimentary, but still acknowledges the piece as “a breathtaking piece of fantasy journalism.”

Meanwhile, over on the AfterEllen website, a poster describes Sheen’s efforts as “pretty creative” and encourages everyone to read his letter to Obama.

A World Entertainment News Network report on the story, picked up by the Houston Chronicle, presents a balanced and neutral view of the issue, noting that Sheen hopes his letter will make “the president will take note of his campaign and grant him a meeting.”

A decidedly more vicious response carried by the Associated Content website attempts to link Sheen to recently resigned Obama jobs czar Van Jones and portray 9/11 truthers as a psychologically disturbed fringe, while failing to mention the fact that thousands of credible individuals both in and out of government, military leaders, intelligence professionals, legal scholars, architects and engineers, and indeed the majority of the 9/11 Commission members have all publicly questioned the official 9/11 story.

Separately, a few other blogs were up in arms about Sheen’s letter being a “hoax” because the disclaimer clarifying that the meeting with Obama was a stylized fictional account and not a real event did not get added to the bottom of the article until a little later due to technical snafus and a bombardment of traffic that shut down servers and locked out Infowars and Prison Planet webmasters. With the Infowars version having been copied across from Prison Planet, both original versions did not contain the disclaimer until the error was brought to our attention and promptly fixed as soon as we could gain access to servers that kept crashing, as many readers noted at the time. We added the disclaimer as soon as possible as well as other information that should have been included at the bottom of the original article regarding Sheen’s appearance on the show. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused and are trying to move our servers in house to prevent this routine occurrence from happening again.

Others expressed disappointment that the announcement wasn’t big enough, but as Alex Jones stressed on several occasions, Sheen’s letter is only the start of a chain of events that will put 9/11 truth firmly at the forefront of public attention during the week of the 8th anniversary since the tragic events of that day.

The issue is set to gain more prominence today as Sheen’s brand new full 20 minute interview on the subject airs on The Alex Jones Show with a call to action video to follow on Thursday and the Sheen set to appear live on the show on Friday.

We would like to thank Charlie Sheen for his courageous stance for 9/11 truth in the face of what promises to be an establishment backlash and encourage everyone to get behind him in bringing these issues to the forefront of national consciousness in this anniversary week.

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