Short of actual evidence and going on a narrative produced by the Pentagon, Kimberly Dozier and The Daily Beast have “built a picture” of the alleged illegal raid inside Syria that supposedly killed Abu Sayyaf, also known as Mohammed Shalabi.

As I noted on Saturday the incident as described by defense officials resembles a military adventure story. It closely follows a story that casts doubt on Obama’s Osama bin Laden assassination narrative. The corporate media is attempting to pave over Seymour Hersh’s story with the comic book Abu Sayyaf story.

Kimberly Dozier adds details to the Hollywoodesque story by writing that “U.S. Special Operations Forces met resistance and had to fight ‘hand to hand’ in Friday night’s raid in al-Amr in southeastern Syria that killed ISIS senior commander Abu Sayyaf, defense officials told The Daily Beast.”

Like a scene out of a combat graphic novel, “[t]roops from the U.S. Army’s elite Delta Force flew into the scene in Ospreys and Black Hawk helicopters, landing near a multi-story building and meeting fierce resistance as they entered,” Dozier writes, citing anonymous officials.

“There was some resistance from armed guards and from Abu Sayyaf himself, but the raiders were prepared for that, a third official told The Daily Beast.”

Like the Osama bin Laden assassination narrative painting the legendary terrorist as a coward, the ISIS fighters “hid behind women in an attempt to use them as human shields, and the second defense official said the U.S. troops had to ‘literally shoot around’ the human shields to kill the fighters,” according to the story offered by the Defense Department without question or criticism by Dozier and The Daily Beast.

Sayyaf was not assassinated, according to the narrative, but “attempted to resist in some way, leading U.S. forces to kill him.”

His wife, an Iraqi national, and an 18-year-old Yazidi slave were taken out of the compound, as well as computers, cell phones and other forms of potential intelligence sources, which U.S. officials already believe will be valuable. They are assessing that information now, two of the officials said.

The Pentagon has yet to provide evidence the raid in fact took place and has not shown a photo of Umm Sayaff or the supposed Yazidi slave.

Instead, the propaganda media has turned to a press statement issued by the White House stating “Umm Sayyaf was captured and is currently in U.S. military detention in Iraq” and she “is a member of ISIL, played an important role in ISIL’s terrorist activities, and may have been complicit in the enslavement of the young woman rescued” during the supposed raid.

Once again the establishment media has provided a venue for fictionalized war propaganda. Like the debunked Jessica Lynch story and the contrived Pat Tillman coverup, the fantastic Sayaff raid is designed to not only stem the damage of the Bin Laden assassination revelation, but counter the brutality of a US-trained ISIS with a feel-good gung-ho American storyline.

Virtually all wars and military conflicts waged by the United States from the Mexican War onward are predicated on lies designed to stir up war hysteria and provide consensus for mass murder. The Sayaff story is no exception.

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