Establishment media outlets predictably attempted to downplay the size of an anti-illegal immigration protest held over the weekend in Boston, hoping to propagate the illusion of a diminished public outcry.

The rally, which took place Saturday on the steps of the Massachusetts State House, attracted anywhere from four to ten thousand participants, judging by numerous social media photos of the unprecedented event and estimates by State Troopers.

Local Boston media, however, gave the impression that mere “hundreds,” or that only “about a thousand” people showed up, significantly downplaying Bostonian opposition to recent proposals to house additional illegal aliens in their state, backed by Gov. Deval Patrick.

Despite her best efforts, a CBS reporter had to admit the rally was the largest she’d seen.

According to ALIPAC president William Gheen, at least 4-5,000 protesters showed up to the “Stop the Invasion Rally” largely organized by WRKO radio host Jeff Kuhner.

“The Boston Globe and a local CBS affiliate rushed to get pictures that tried to make the crowd look like a few hundred out on the web before anyone else,” said ALIPAC president William Gheen, posting photos of his own to disprove the media’s figures. “They even used the title ‘hundreds protest’ but it was a blatant lie that we are about to bust wide open!”


“The discrepancy in the numbers regarding how many showed up in the rally is a stark example of how the liberal media is trying to marginalize and suppress the extent of the opposition to Gov. Patrick’s plan,” said Kuhner, citing figures reportedly received from Mass. State Troopers, putting the number of participants at around 10,000.

“It won’t work: the pictures of the event speak for themselves.”

Below, check out pics from the rally:

William Gheen / Pinterest
William Gheen / Pinterest

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