NPR gave a platform to a Somali student who characterized mean tweets as a bigger threat than Islamic terrorism after the knife rampage at Ohio State University yesterday.

Somali “refugee” Abdul Razak Ali Artan rammed a vehicle into students before wildly slashing at them with a knife until he was shot dead by a brave police officer.

However, for Ohio State University senior Mohamed Farah, the most worrying thing was not the unhinged act of violence itself, but the potential for unpleasant comments to be directed towards the Somali community in its aftermath.

“When I first heard that he was Somali, I mean my stomach did fall,” he told NPR. “Not just because of what happened today, but because of what will happen tomorrow.”

The Somali refugee made clear that the most pressing issue was not Islamic terrorism, or the second attack in recent months to have been carried out by a Somali immigrant, but instead, “snide comments, peering eyes and a feeling of uneasiness.”

“Those Somali men and women, the ones that wear a head scarf or the ones like myself with the name Mohamed, tomorrow will be a day of trepidation,” he said, adding that mean tweets such as one that said knifeman Artan “bit the hand that fed him,” were “the most painful” aspect of the entire incident.

“That one really, it shakes the core of you, you know,” Farah said.

NPR giving a platform to a Somali student so he can play the victim card and waffle on about mean tweets and Islamophobia after a Somali terrorist has just slashed nine innocent people is bad enough.

But the article takes on a darker dimension when you realize that Artan himself complained about Islamophobia and alleged mistreatment of Muslims before he went on his ISIS-inspired knife rampage.

The best response to this narrative undoubtedly comes from cartoonist Bosch Fawstin, the winner of the “draw Muhammad” cartoon contest in Garland, Texas that was attacked by Islamic terrorists.

“Muslims: the reason you’re Not getting the “backlash” you keep preemptively bitching about after Islamic attacks is b/c we’re not like you,” he tweeted.

But this article wouldn’t be complete without showcasing two of the dumbest tweets you’re ever likely to read.

One woman reacted to the attack by blaming Trump and white people for bullying the poor terrorist. Yes, really.

Meanwhile, Tariq Nasheed, an “anti-racism strategist,” complained about the fact that the “white” police officer who shot the terrorist dead was being treated as a hero.

Only leftists could be stupid enough to take a terrorist attack carried out by a black Somali immigrant and blame it on racist white Americans.


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