Hillary Clinton couldn’t fill up the Public Auditorium in Cleveland, Ohio, despite Cavaliers star LeBron James speaking at the event.

Only a few hundred reportedly showed up to the Sunday event in the battleground state, which is well under the 10,000 seating capacity.

In comparison, GOP nominee Donald Trump routinely holds rallies with tens of thousands in attendance.

The attendance was so bad that the mainstream media had to use zoomed-in shots of Clinton and LeBron to create the illusion of higher attendance.

NPR in particular took this photo at an extremely weird angle – perhaps to hide the empty void in front of the stage?

And the fact the crowd behind Clinton and James were holding the same Hillary signs indicates the signs were handed out to the crowd before the speech, which was common practice at previous speeches:

Additionally, Hillary’s livestream of the event on Facebook apparently peaked at only 5.5k viewers at once. In comparison, Infowars routinely has several times more viewers during livefeeds of the broadcast.

Likewise, it appears Facebook may have inflated the viewcount of the Hillary’s Cleveland speech; despite the low viewcount during the livestream, Hillary suddenly had nearly a million “views” of her speech 30 minutes after the event.

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