Renee Nal
May 6, 2012

Editor’s note: The article below was posted on April 12. It gained no traction in the media because it does not support the political agenda of the establishment like the Treyvon Martin self defense case does. The establishment is using the case to whip up racial hysteria prior to the election and also as a way to attack the Second Amendment.

Twenty-nine-year-old Daniel Adkins, a mentally disabled Hispanic, was walking his dog by a Taco Bell in Arizona when he was almost hit by a black man at the drive thru. Adkins and the unidentified man had an angry exchange, which led the 22-year-old black man to shoot Adkins, killing him, according to Fox News.

The man was driving his car with a pregnant woman in the passenger seat. At first, the couple said that Adkins was waving a metal object, such as a pipe. However, no weapon was found at the scene, according to the local news. The man who killed Adkins claimed self-defence and has not yet been arrested.

This case is quite reminiscent of the Trayvon Martin case, in which an unarmed black teenager was killed by a neighborhood watch man, George Zimmerman, a Hispanic, who claimed self-defence and started a media frenzy about racism and was even commented upon by the president. Interestingly, Daniel Adkins is not referred to in the local stories as a “white Hispanic” although that is how many sources described George Zimmerman. Why was the shooter not identified in the news, but George Zimmerman was? How is this case different than the Trayvon Martin case, which has dominated the mainstream media?

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