How often does the FBI allow reporters to rummage through a crime scene? That’s what exactly what happened today as the media ramps up the Muslim terror angle on the San Bernardino shooting spree that left 14 people dead.

If the Daily Mail can be believed, investigators left behind boxes of ammunition and pipe bombs for the media to record at the Redlands, California home. Normally these items would be carefully bagged and inventoried as evidence by the police and the FBI. Instead they were left behind to add color to the narrative Farook and Malik were Islamic State inspired terrorists.

“Journalists were apparently let into the home after investigators had collected all the evidence they needed, although critics have still criticized authorities for opening the crime scene so soon,” the Daily Mail reports.

“The landlord of the apartment where the suspected San Bernardino killers built bombs and stocked ammo gave reporters a bizarre tour of their cramped lair Friday—two days after federal law enforcement agents declared it an active crime scene,” claims the NY Daily News.

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