We’re reaching levels of media desperation never before thought possible.

The media and the Democrats did everything in their power to make Trump lose the election, yet they failed.

Just weeks ago they did everything in their power to get Jon Ossoff elected in Georgia and hyped the election as a “referendum” on Trump, they failed again, even more miserably.

They’ve hyped the Russia collusion hoax for some 10 months to try to reverse the will of the public and get Trump kicked out of office, that too has now largely failed (though they succeeded in inciting one of their deluded Democrat followers to attempt a shooting spree against Republican congressmen).

Never before has the media not been able to destroy someone through a concerted demonization campaign, and yet somehow Trump has taken all the arrows and is still giving them hell.

The media has no idea how to respond because all they know is lying and whipping up fake hysteria. Rather than actually start telling the truth, they think if they just scream louder and louder their old tactics will suddenly start to work once again.

In the latest case, Trump tweeted out an hilarious meme from the memers on r/The_Donald and the media has responded by hysterically claiming it’s a threat to their lives and an impeachable offense.

CNN’s Brian Stelter literally reported the tweet to Twitter:

The same media outlets who helped incite the Alexandria shooting are now saying they’re being victimized by a meme.

This is levels of liberal insanity never before seen.

Stefan Molyneux made a whole video on it:

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