The media had a complete hissy fit meltdown because Donald Trump….wait for it….had the temerity to attend a private dinner with his own family.

As Mark Dice explains in the video above, CNN and other media outlets attempted to make out that Trump was putting his own security at risk by not alerting the media to his plans, despite the fact that Secret Service was with him at all times.

“The mainstream media is whining because Donald Trump went to dinner without issuing a press release,” remarked Dice.

The Defcon nuclear alert may have been set to its lowest level, with world peace now an actual possibility, but according to the mainstream press, Trump is evil for wanting to spend some quality time with his loved ones at a New York steak house.

Trump ditched the gaggle of reporters who follow him around to visit the 21 Club four blocks from Trump Tower, and was greeted with a standing ovation.

But for the discredited media, who are desperate for Trump to fail before he even takes office, this represented a “terrible violation of protocol”

CNN’s Brian Stelter felt it necessary to complain about the fact that “Trump went out for dinner”.

According to NBC News, the fact that Trump – who isn’t even president until January – “left his Manhattan residence without notifying the reporters covering him or giving any indication of where he was going” betrayed a horrifying “lack of transparency”.

This is the same mainstream media who just acted as water carriers for the Obama administration for the last eight years – one of the least transparent administrations in U.S. history.

CNN even ran with the headline “TRUMP GOES OUT TO DINNER TONIGHT,” words that truly capture the shocking insensitivity of the president elect’s disgraceful behavior.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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