Alleged terrorist helped US in uprising against Saddam Hussein

Paul Joseph Watson
December 12, 2012

Apart from local media outlets in Phoenix, the mainstream press has virtually ignored what would normally be considered a major story in light of constant fearmongering about terror threats – the bombing of a Social Security Administration building in Casa Grande just two weeks ago.

Imagine if a conservative Tea Party member had bombed a federal building – the hysteria would be off the charts for weeks on end. Government mouthpieces and their leftist cheerleaders would be all over the media heralding the incident as the ultimate proof that “right-wingers” were violent extremists whose rhetoric leads to terrorism and needs to be silenced.

The reason why the story has received such scant coverage is most likely the fact that the alleged terrorist blamed for carrying out the attack – Abdullatif Aldosary – is an Iraqi refugee who helped the United States in the uprising against Saddam Hussein in 1991.

“No one was injured in the explosion, but the feds allege Aldosary, a convicted felon, detonated the device outside the Casa Grande Social Security Administration office on November 30, and drove off. Debris landed more than 100 feet away from the spot of the detonation, and Aldosary even lit his own car on fire in the blast, and drove off with his car ablaze, according to the federal complaint,” reports the Phoenix New Times.

Aldosary was arrested and indicted for the bombing after a search warrant turned up recipes and materials for explosive devices at his home.

Somewhat bizarrely, the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force quickly declared that the attack was not an act of terrorism, despite the fact that the target was a federal government building and Aldosary had “engaged in terrorism activity” in the past.

After the bombing, Republican Congressman Paul Gosar demanded answers on why a “known terrorist” had been allowed to live in his district. “Aldosary’s “terrorism activity” was his involvement in a 1991 uprising against the regime of Saddam Hussein, which was egged on by the U.S. government under President George H.W. Bush,” writes Matthew Hendley.

Is Aldosary yet another of the numerous double agents brought into the United States under Bush and Clinton that were later identified as the culprits behind domestic terrorist attacks? And is this one of the reasons for the corporate media’s complete disinterest in this story?

Ramzi Yousef, who entered the United States on an Iraqi passport, was the ringleader of the 1993 World Trade Center bomb plot. According to informant Emad A. Salem, the FBI had advance knowledge of the bombing and were supposed to provide the terrorist group led by Yousef with dummy explosives. However, Salem was cut out of the loop and the FBI gave the group real explosive and allowed the attack to go ahead, killing six people and injuring more than a thousand.

In the immediate aftermath of the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, dozens of eyewitnesses asserted that Timothy McVeigh had an accomplice, John Doe No. 2, who many speculate was an Iraqi named Hussain Al-Hussaini. Terry Nichols, who helped McVeigh plan the attack, later admitted that McVeigh had multiple accomplices and that he was being steered by a high-level FBI officials.

Multiple reports of Arabs at the scene assisting McVeigh were ignored and surveillance tapes were withheld under national security, most likely because Al-Hussaini was one of the almost 1,000 Iraqi soldiers brought into the U.S. as refugees under Bush and Clinton after the first Gulf War.

The fact that Aldosary, like Hussain Al-Hussaini, entered America by invitation of the U.S. government and later went on to commit an act of terrorism, indicates precisely why the FBI came to the bizarre conclusion that his attack on the Social Security Building was not an act of terror. It’s highly likely that Aldosary is another terrorist double agent working directly for the feds.

Given that Aldosary has pleaded not guilty to two counts related to the bombing, it will be interesting to follow his trial in order to determine whether this can be verified and to see if Aldosary’s possible government connections will help him escape a significant prison sentence.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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